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True story.. He spent Friday, redporn April 10, 2009 on Friday night was fun.... Are you redporn in place around 8 30. We were chatting and then stripped and chill on the couch, then the two began to shake with us face to face.. cornea was putting cherry flavored lubricant to his penis and testicles. He lay down and knelt beside him to suck my dick, and I masturbated and sucked. always was very excited, his balls was very close (you know, redporn that before redporn cum guna), so I stroked his penis and testicles and stopped to pull or cum.. hot Then I started sucking his dick.. This was only my second I had sucked his cock and I was getting into it. I was amazed at how much cock down my throat and I was tempted almost all the sperm in my throat, but wanted to see how the outbreak. and I did a straw and blow at the same time began, my mouth was right on the tip of the tail and I was masturbating his penis while he was very hard and thick, and I knew we were not very away from shooting hot juice. He continued to suck and moaning like crazy. his cock and his balls were almost solid rock drive, which would end soon. So I slowed down a bit to enjoy masturbating his throbbing cock today. Then pull your cock accelerated and was rock hard cock, he began his streak cum everywhere. The first aircraft was shot in the chest, which was nice and hot, were the next 5 or 6 episodes (no longer count as I was completely engrossed in his cum splashing ) in the air and came back with my hand around his penis. His cock and my hand is now in hot steamy cum covered mmmmmmmm.. A then cooled again, had a glass of water and continued on my merry way his cock was very happy...
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